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Post by Nestor on Fri Apr 08, 2016 2:42 am

Hi, welcome to our forum!

In order to ease comunication between all of us, English will be the common tongue for this site. Of course that there will be topics dedicated to a specific language other than English. But for practical purposes, English will be used to participate in the majority of the forum. I hope that his won't be an issue for anybody Smile

Our goal? To help language students!

This forum came to be out of the necessity of a place where audiovisual content can be easily found in its native language. That is to say, movies or series from different countries with the original audio and without dubbing. This is to facilitate material for language learners that are in need of getting in touch with the language they are studying, in a better and more convenient way.

Along with this, it is our desire to provide a way in which those who are in an advanced level of their language studies, can help to those who are starting or in an intermediate level by transcribing/translating subtitles for these movies and series in whatever language it's required.

For example, someone that is fluent in a pair of languages (French/Spanish) can contribute with transcribing the dialogues of a French series or movie, and translate it into Spanish. In this way, hispanic French learners can rely on quality material to practice their understanding of the spoken language they are studying. Moreover, this is an excellent way to practice both languages for those who are experienced.

For those who are not willing to translate, can simply transcribe a series or movie, and upload the file to be translated for someone else. This would encourage the exchange of subtitles in different languages about a same film or show.

Another way to participate without involving in transcribing or translating, is to just help those who want to translate but are not sure of expressions, idioms, or any other grammatical contruction that can be too complex and needs of the helping hand of a native in said language.

It is important to notice that this forum doesn't pursue to profit in a monetary way. Our wish is to count with people that are willing and able to invest their time to help others and improve their language skills in the process. This is a voluntary project and any kind of monetary transaction (like paying for tuition or private lessons) should be dealed with in private between those involved. We do not take any responsability on failed transactions or any other kind of problems of this kind.

We encourage any other way that you can think of to help students to improve their language skills and also ask of our users to remember that everything done in this site is in good will, and hostile behaviour, such as insults or degrading someone else's work will result in a permanent ban from this forum.

Kind regards, and I hope that you enjoy our community and help us to improve it!


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